Former Ecorse City Councilman found frozen to death outside his home

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The Ecorse Police Department is investigating the death of a former city council member who officials say died from exposure to the elements overnight.

Neighbors tell us the victim is 70-year old Gary Sammons and according to Ecorse Police, he is a former council member in the city. Police said he was found dead in front of his home on Elton street in Ecorse. 

"Mr. Sammons was a good neighbor, he was caring," Jeneane McQueen said.

Police believe he may have fallen and was unable to get help or get back inside.

"I saw somone laying down and I was just like oh my god, it's so cold out here, it was 35 below out here this morning," McQueen said. 

She says Mr. Sammons had some issues with his knee and when he would come outside he would very slow.

Detroit Police are also investigating a possible weather-related death after a 70-year-old man that medical examiners identified as Tyrone Johnson was reported missing Wednesday around 2 a.m.. He was found dead, on Webb street near Hamilton, frozen outside of his home around 8:30 Wednesday morning. Family tell us he had underlying medical issues. 

Police made it possible to believe his death was related to this extreme cold

54 hours of negative temperatures possible for Detroit area

Temperatures dipped all the way to negative 6 overnight with windchills into the negative 30s. 

These two tragedies, a reminder to check on the people living next door.

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