Former FOX 2 anchor pushes for marijuana dispensary in Detroit's Corktown

Former FOX 2 anchor Anqunette Jamison Sarfoh is pushing a new cannabis campaign to Corktown which supporters say would provide safe access to medical pot but not everyone is on board.

Jamison has plans for an empty lot on Rosa Parks off of I-75 that's been abandoned for about ten years in Corktown.

"I want to make sure that people have access to all types of safe testing medications and we're hoping to provide that here," Sarfoh said.

Jamison, who left the FOX 2 News desk in 2016, says she's used medical marijuana to treat her multiple sclerosis symptoms for years. She says she's been looking for a spot to open up her own dispensary that fits all the requirements for the city's ordinance.

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"This property satisfies that requirement we're 1,000 feet away from residents, churches, daycare centers."

Jamison's dispnsary will be called BotaniQ. She said she likes the location near I-75 and the ample parking, especially for disabled patients.

"Of course we have a lot of things we wanna do to this property but we have to get approved first," she said.

Jamison says she's been working several doctors, started petition, and has shared her plans for the property on social media. She says she has a hearing with the board of zoning and appeals next month.

"We'll be canvassing this neighborhood as well. we understand that there is a lot of concern about these types of businesses and we want to be open and up front about what we plan to do," Jamison said. "Right now we need support from the community. We want the concerns of the community - we want to hear them."

FOX 2 walked the neighborhood to get opinions if they'll sign off for the plan or not. Reactions were a bit mixed. Watch the video above to hear from both sides.