Former mental asylum up for sale, but buyer beware

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In Westland, a unique historical parcel of land is up for sale, but if you are creeped out by old mental asylums and reports of ghosts, then buyer beware.

The imposing Kay Beard building looms over Michigan Avenue. It's just one structure in a complex known as Eloise, which was once the size of a city within Westland.

One building was a fire department, and in the background you can see the old power plant.

The local lore dictates that these grounds are haunted now, though, as it used to house a mental asylum.

The thing is? No one we talked to believes it is.

Ghostly specters aside, people here are hopeful someone will buy Eloise for the reported asking price of 1.5 million and do something with it.

When talking about the site as a whole there are some buildings occupied and not all are included in the sale.