Fourth organ found at Detroit wastewater plant ID'd as deer heart

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An organ found at the Detroit wastewater treatment plant has been identified as a deer heart, according to the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office.

Three other organs that were found at the plant, located on Detroit's southwest side, are still being tested according to officials. A spokesperson said that the other organs may take months to be identified.

A total of four kidneys and one heart  have been found at the Great Lakes Water Authority's Water Resource Recovery Facility on West Jefferson, a source tells FOX 2. 

Since Dec. 15 staff members at the Great Lakes Water Authority have found objects in a screening area of the facility where wastewater is treated to help meet federal and state environmental quality regulations before it can be discharged into the river. 

Officials at the facility say objects were discovered on December 15th, 16th, 20th and 23rd and reported to police. 

The organs have been found over the last couple of weeks in an area that filters out debris before the water gets treated at the plant, 9300 W. Jefferson Ave. 

Third organ found at Detroit wastewater plant
Four kidneys, one heart found at Detroit wastewater plant: source

Officials at the facility make it clear that the treatment process at this facility is not connected to the drinking water process conducted at other facilities and sites.

Authorities there have said the discoveries have not affected the water treatment process. 

Officials at the medical examiner's office are unclear as to when testing will be complete on the other objects. As the wait continues, residents say they hope the investigation does not reveal anything bizarre.