Frantic moments in 911 calls released from Halloween hit and run of teen

Tonight the 14-year-old girl  who was dragged several miles on Halloween is still recovering.

Despite serious injuries she continues to recover, but the search continues for the driver who hit her.

The frantic, terrifying moments after the teen was hit while trick or treating in Pittsfield Township were captured in multiple 911 calls from that evening.

Multiple 911 calls were recorded, including one where the female driver was screaming, then told the operator she didn't know where she was at the time.

In another call, one of the drivers said that he was involved in the accident.

Caller: "I can't believe this, oh my God, it's so dark.  As soon as I saw her she was in my headlights."

Operator: "Injuries?"

Caller: "We need emergency right now. I'm the person involved, I hit somebody. I need somebody right now but can't find the person.

Operator: "You can't find the person?

Caller: "No, it's a girl."

Police say the teen was nowhere to be found because a second vehicle also hit her, dragging her to the area of I-94 and Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti Township before leaving the scene.

That's when police began to get more 911 calls.

The accident happened near Michigan Avenue and I-94.

Police are asking for anyone who saw the second driver or has information about the person to contact at (734) 822-4911.