Free rides home this holiday season as MADD, sheriff urge designated drivers

After a 25-year-old Macomb woman was killed by a suspected drunk driver going the wrong way on I-75, Mothers Against Drunk Driving says this is a tragic reminder that if you drink, don't drive.

For Bob Willett and his family, drinking and driving is personal. It was October 1988, more than 30 years ago, that Bob and his family got the call from police. Their son and two nephews were hurt.

"Drunk driving is not an accident - not a choice - so don't call it an accident to me," Willett said.

Kenneth, 19, and his cousins were all killed by a drunk driver.

"After that phone call, my family's life has never been the same," Willett said.

The drunk driver who killed them was professional football player Reggie Rogers. He had been picked up for drunk driving before and would get five more DUI's after the crash that killed Kenneth.

Investigators say there have been so many other drunk drivers since, and so many victims. Law enforcement says last year, from Thanksgiving eve until New Year's Eve, more than 1,000 people were killed by drunk drivers nationwide.

On Monday night Genesee County, a wrong way suspected drunk driver from Flint hit a 25-year-old woman from Macomb. Both were killed. 

Oakland County is partnering with MADD to 'Tie on One for Safety'. They're asking people to get a ride home if they're out celebrating this Thanksgiving and Christensen Law Firm will even pay for your ride.

"Send a claim into our office before midnight Saturday and we will pay you back up to $25," said David Christensen. 

Law enforcement urging everyone - to make the right choice...

"If you want to drink, you want to party that's your choice but getting behind the wheel is not your choice. You'll be held accountable and potentially you're destroying not only your life but someone else's," said Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard.

If you are a part of any organization or a local business that would like to participate in Tie One On for Safety, please contact Allison LaPlatt, Coordinator of Volunteer Resources at 248-528-1745 ext. 2653 or email for more information.