'Freezer mom' Mitchelle Blair bound over for trial

After just a few minutes in the Wayne County courtroom, Blair was found competent to stand trial and told the judge she wanted to plead guilty to murder.

"I did what I did and I did what I did, for my baby," says Mitchelle Blair. "I'm not a coward." 

She's saying she wants life in prison.

After being found confident, she waived her preliminary exam.

"I'm already saying I did it. I'm accepting life in prison." 

The judge told her to think long and hard about the consequences and told her to take another week before pleading guilty to murder. She's due back in court on June 26th.

Blair said she would not go back on her guilty plea and said she "did what she did for her 8-year-old son" who is still alive.

Blair's attorney said she's remorseful and her mind is clear and that this is her decision.

The bodies of two of Blair's children were found inside a freezer earlier this year. Stephen, 9, and Stoni, 13, were both found dead inside the family's freezer in March. The medical examiner testified Stoni died in May 2013 and Stephen in August 2012.

Earlier this month, an expert testified that both children were beaten and burned before they died.

Blair has said that the two children were sexually assaulting her other two kids. According to sources, Blair confronted Stephen about it and she says he admitted to the sexual acts. That's when sources say she put the then 9-year-old in scalding water, resulting in his death. The source said she wrapped him in his "favorite blanket," and put him in the freezer.

Just 9 months later, in May 2013, sources say Blair discovered Stoni sexually assaulting the younger brother. 

Sources say Blair admits to starving and abusing Stoni for a week before strangling her with a shirt and suffocating her. Then she wrapped her in a garbage bag and placed her on top of Stephen, the source said.