Freezing temps cause rash of water main breaks

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When the temperatures plunge it puts a strain not only on our bodies -- but also our infrastructure.

Many water mains are no match for the extreme cold as several mains gave way Thursday and there were more problems Friday including at Trinity and Pickford on Detroit's west side.

"There's been a water main break over here for like two weeks," said Angela Miller.

Residents say they've called the city for help.

"For like two weeks," said Miller. "Everyone's been calling and telling the water company."

But these residents say the longer they wait for service the worse the situation gets.

"If you look in the back of this house it's like an ice skating rink," Miller said.

City officials say they are ready for the winter season and they have eight crews throughout the city making repairs. Officials also tell Fox 2 that it's not unusual to see a spike in water main breaks during the winter months due to cold temperatures.

DWSD officials added an increase in breaks is often seen in January but this season the frigid temperatures began earlier.

One resident who lives on Piedmont says her block also has a water main break. The good news is that crews are busy fixing it.

"We woke up this morning and went to use the bathroom and we didn't have any water," said Kamela Mason. "Someone knocked on the door and said water.

"We just hope they going to restore our water so we can go back to our living."

As for Angela Miller, city officials say the break in her neighborhood will be fixed over the weekend.

"They need to get themselves together and clean it up," Miller said. "Because when they want to shut your water off they don't have a problem with doing that and you're just going to let the water run?"

Crews say there are seven more breaks to fix and they will work on them throughout the weekend. Officials say the number to report breaks is 313-267-8000.