Friend of shot Chesterfield teen: boyfriend was abusive, controlling

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A Chesterfield teenager is on life support after being shot inside her home and her boyfriend is the prime suspect.

It's Marche Lowe's beautiful smile and larger than life personality that have close friends of the 17-year-old in tears and disbelief Tuesday.

"One of my friends called me and told me 'Marche got shot,'" said Breya Jackson, a friend. "So I instantly froze, like wow. Her of all people."

Lowe lies inside McLaren hospital in what's being called "grave condition." Chesterfield township police say the teen, while inside her home on Briar Towne Monday afternoon was shot in the head.

Her 21-year-old boyfriend originally told police it was a drive by. He is now in custody and the prime suspect.

"The statements that were originally put out there of a 20-year-old white male who fled in a silver Toyota we've determined to be erroneous,"  said Police Chief Bradley Kersten, Chesterfield police.

Police say Lowe's boyfriend is being held on traffic warrants out of Detroit awaiting charges. Friends of Lowe and her boyfriend tell FOX 2 this doesn't sound like something he would do.

"I still don't believe that he did it," said a friend of both Lowe and her boyfriend. "The story it doesn't add up from the outside looking in, it doesn't add up."

But another friend describes Lowe's roughly two-year relationship with her boyfriend as rocky calling him abusive and controlling. He allegedly texted Lowe that he'd kill her if she ever broke up with him. The friend calls her boyfriend a criminal who would brag about being a so-called swiper, stealing credit cards.

This all is hard to swallow to those who only know Lowe.

"Whenever I talk to Marche about him that never argued or anything," said a friend.

Lowe's friends say the teen has undergone two surgeries so far as fellow classmates, friends and teachers continue to pray for her recovery.

"It's very tragic," said Eric Edoff, L'Anse Creuse Public Schools superintendent. "It's a horrible situation. It was a tough morning for the students and staff. We had a crisis team in place."

Friends and classmates describe Lowe as outgoing, funny and a sweet girl who lights up the room.

"Out of everybody, Che was the nicest person," said a friend. "She's just too young to be in a situation like this."

"She was just talking about prom, she was looking for prom dresses last week," said a friend.

And now despite their dear friend lying in the hospital, friends are sending constant prayers for Marche Lowe and her family, optimistic she will survive.

“I think she can get through this,” said a friend. “I think she can pull through.”

Marche's friends say they are trying to comfort her mother. Her boyfriend is expected to be arraigned Wednesday.

His warrants are for traffic misdemeanors but others who know him say if there are other crimes found that he is connected to, they would not be surprised at all.