Fugitive who caused fatal 2012 drunk driving crash arrested

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Chris Gaines, left, police dash cam video, right.

Michigan State Police have arrested the suspect wanted in a fatal drunk driving crash from 2012.

Chris Gaines was captured by officers inside a townhouse on Woodward near the new Red Wings arena construction site Wednesday.

VIDEO ABOVE: A follow-up report on the search for Gaines which aired in 2015.

Gaines was wanted in a crash that happened Dec. 6, 2012 when he was driving drunk going the wrong way on I-96. He was near the Southfield freeway interchange when his car struck David Arcand's vehicle, who was driving home from work at the Chrysler Plant.

A Michigan State Police trooper saved Gaines' life, pulling him from his burning vehicle. Arcand, 27, could not be saved, while Gaines then fled.

The brother and father of 27-year-old David Arcand, along with Michigan State Trooper Matt Unterbrink, spoke in a 2015 follow-up story, recalling the night of December 6.

"You try not to think about him actually burning to death and not being able to help him," said Chris Arcand, brother of victim told FOX 2.

Gaines had been on the run wanted for vehicular homicide. Police say he was living out of state in Ohio using a different identity before returning to the Detroit area where he was later caught.

"You don't lose that feeling of watching a body burn," said Unterbrink in the 2015 report.

Trooper Unterbrink was unable to save Arcand, but burned himself pulling Gaines to safety in the process. Unterbrink met the Arcand family for the first time Monday.

"The ridiculous thing is, we were short parts at work, at Chrysler, he should not have been on the road," said John Arcand, victim's father.

"It's hard to look at them," said Unterbrink. "I saved the life of the guy that killed their son."

"Of all the lies and things he told his lawyer, he never once showed any remorse," said Chris Arcand.

Crime Stoppers had been offering a $2,500 reward for info leading to Gaines' arrest.