Fundraiser to provide programs for victims of sexual assault

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Shopping for a cause, a pop up shop at the Grand Circus Park out Sunday to raise money for the Wayne County Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners program Sunday. 

“We’ve basically been able to bring several really awesome vendors from the Detroit area locally in one spot for us to be able to have people who want to shop, support us, have a little bit of wine, little bit of hors d’ oeuvres,” Kimberly Hurst said with Wayne County SAFE.

Alex Bourque is also a sexual assault survivor, one of the hundreds of women who was sexually abused by former Michigan State Gymnastics coach Larry Nassar.

“We have a company Brightly Twisted we have all hand dyed clothing and accessories,” she said. 

On this night, at this event she is not alone. 

“So I was a survivor of Larry Nassar and you would think in our circumstance we would be handed different resources to get help,” Trinea Goczar said with Wayne County SAFE.

But Trinea says there weren’t, she found Wayne County SAFE on her own and a short time later started working for the organization.

She wants sexual assault survivors to know about Wayne County SAFE and to know there is support just a phone call away. 

“There's cooking classes, yoga classes, there’s group therapy classes, there’s men’s groups, parents groups. We have resources people don’t know about and until you need to know a lot of cases you aren’t going to know. And the funding that we get is going to support that many more survivors and that many more opportunities for survivors to get better,” Goczar said.