Fundraising hockey game between Red Wings Alumni and H.S. Seniors

A massive turnout for a fundraising event between Red Wings alumni and Senior hockey players from area high schools at Hockeyland in Fraser.

The event raised money for Anthony Mastronardi. He is the Dakota High School Junior and Varsity Hockey team member that suffered a spinal cord injury while on the ice in December.

He is now undergoing intensive rehabilitation at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan.

Mastronardi was at the game on Sunday to drop the puck and their were signs inside and outside welcoming him. Those signs read #anthonystrong

"They're just a wonderful family. We've known them for years and we just wanted to help them out. He's a phenomenal kid, you know. Most people that talk to me say he wants them to be a better person because even in spite of what he's going through, he always has a positive attitude. He's determined. They have a lot of support from the community.", said Alison Reardon, the event organizer.

The hockey community wants to raise $50,000 to help for things he needs for his recovery like a motorized wheelchair or possibly a van.

If you would like more information or to donate go the website