Gasoline tanker rollover causes busy intersection to close

Hazmat crews reacted quickly to a gasoline tanker rollover that happened Saturday evening around 7:30 p.m. over Dixie and Telegraph in Waterford Township. 

The tanker with 10-thousand gallons of product was making a turn when it flipped over. The driver was okay, but his load was in jeopardy. 

“We weren't able to prevent too much of the spill,” said Chief John Lyman of the Waterford Regional Fire Department. “Looks like 30-gallons about right now.”

The intersection was quickly closed down by Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputies and Waterford Police so hazmat crews could contain the situation. 

“We have plugged up the holes in the tank where the gasoline was leaking,” said Lyman. 

There were no injuries that occurred during the rollover.