Get ready Detroit, phase 2 of the I-75 construction is about to begin

Get ready Detroit, and every other commuter who drives the I-75 corridor. 

Phase two is about to begin. 

"It's a major major overhaul, this is not a bandaid project, this is not resurfacing," said Rob Morosi, a spokesman for MDot. "This is a complete rebuild of I-75."

With phase one out of the way, and a $91 million price tag with it, the state transportation department is now looking at 8.5 miles of new pavement between 13 Mile and Coolidge Street. It will also include improvements for 18 bridges.

"Well, it is a short term pain, but it's a long term gain," said Morosi.

To accommodate the construction, 75 Northbound will be sharing a lane with 75 Southbound during the first year of construction. It'll flip over during year two.

Phase three will be more of the same, with pavement, bridge and drainage improvements coming between 8 mile and 13 mile, which is set to be completed by 2023.