Gethsemane, Knollwood cemeteries found with violations in handling of fetuses, remains

The fetal and cremated remains saga continued Thursday.

Investigators got a tip at the same time searching two locations - Gethsemane Cemetery in Detroit and Knollwood Cemetery in Canton. 

They found 104 fetuses and cremated fetal remains at Gethsemane inside of containers in a crypt. Seventeen of which they are looking into further because of paperwork discrepancies.

"I never would have imagined a case like this," Detroit Police Chief James Craig said. "And it is not over."

And at Knollwood, 345 fetuses and cremated fetal remains and one adult body were found inside several crypts. Of those, 27 had paperwork issues. 

"The documentation supports that there is a discrepancy or a body, or remains, were inappropriately disposed of," Craig said. "In other words just like our investigations into Cantrell and Perry, where fetus remains were found discovered - in one instance in the ceiling. That is not a proper disposition. There is a criminal statute that addresses that."

Late Thursday we learned that because of violations found at Knollwood, state regulators have issued a cease and desist against them shutting down portions of their operation and fining them $135,000.

The allegations include getting dead infants without authorization, storing remains for Perry and not properly disposing of those fetal remains in the allotted legal time.

Prosecutors will make the call on charges to come on this case.