Gibraltar Trade Center to be medical marijuana facility

It was where thousands would go to find a great deal, but the Gibraltar Trade Center shut its doors in 2017.

Now the former Mount Clemens public market may soon get a new lease on life.

The city of Mount Clemens issued two licenses - one to the Gibraltar's new owner James George, a Clinton Township developer, so it can be turned into a marijuana processing facility.

The site would be used to store, harvest and process marijuana into a number of by-products 

One Mount Clemens resident said it is good news because he used marijuana on a regular basis 

"(I use it) daily sometimes I have anxiety or in the morning before I start my day to takes down the level of stress," he said.

If the owner moves forward, millions would be spent to add ventilation and light equipment to the trade center. A second building could also be constructed on this site 

But some concerned citizens question the move 

"There are much smaller processing properties for that kind of purpose," said another man. "That should be more of a community center or restructured as a mall like it was."

The city of Mount Clemens awarded a second license to a Royal Oak company that owns a location that used to be a florist on Groesbeck Highway. It could soon become home to a medical marijuana retail center 
"That's not good we have enough of them," said another man.

But an Oak Park resident FOX 2 spoke with, says he smokes marijuana sometimes, sees things differently 

"If they have the right facility, the license is in order and the rules and regulations are in order, I'm all in," said Wade.

But did admit he would not drive from Oak Park to simply buy from this retail shop 

Still, the city of Mt Clemens expects the processing facility and retail shop to generate thousands.