Gilchrist makes stop in metro Detroit on statewide tour to check election processes

Michigan's Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist made a stop at the Macomb County Clerk's Office Tuesday as part of a statewide tour to see the processes in place for the upcoming election.

"I’m thankful for the public service that we have, not just in the elected officials but the people who are working these elections, the people who are going to be processing the ballots. I trust them. I trust their integrity and we will make sure they have everything they need to be safe and successful and give us an accurate count," Gilchrist said. 

"We're used to thinking about Election Day as one action-packed day but really we have an election season now," said Macomb County Clerk Fred Miller. This year he expects a record voter turnout in his county

Miller said as of Monday they've issued 260,000 absentee ballots. Now, Miller and Gilchrist want voters to know they have several options to make their vote count.

"You can bring it to your clerk's office and drop it off in person. You can go to your clerk's office and vote in person if that’s what you want to do. You can register to vote in person up to and including Election Day," Gilchrist said.

Meanwhile, if you want to go to the polls on Election Day Miller says his staff will be ready.

"We are going to have PPE at every single polling location in the county. That includes surface sanitizers, face shields, masks, hand sanitizer, all that stuff," Miller said.

Now as buzz around the integrity of the election continues, Gilchrist has a message for voters: as long as you follow directions from your clerk, rest assured your voice will be heard.

"People are working so hard for them and people want to get this right. So we're going to get it right in 2020," Gilchrist said.

If you have any last-minute questions Miller says you can stop by your clerk's office the weekend before the election. They'll be open to register you to vote and make sure all information is updated.