Girl robbed by teens using fake guns in Grosse Pointe Farms

Police investigated the armed robbery of a teen girl in Grosse Pointe Farms Friday.

Not only was the victim a teen at 15 years old, but so were the suspects who held her up at the intersection of Ridge and Hillcrest this morning.

"She was able to give a pretty good description," said Det. Lt. Richard Rosati, Grosse Pointe Farms police. "The description was put out over the air, multi-jurisdictional. Detroit was able to spot the car."

A little more than an hour after the crime and just a few miles away police stopped a car, arresting five males ages 16 to 19. The main suspect was just 16 and he had the girl's cell phone.

"We had the victim from far away do what we call a street show-up and she was able to 100 percent identify the person who pointed the gun at her," he said. 

Police say it was a toy gun, along with the other two used in the armed robbery.

Investigators believe the group of boys could be connected to at least two more armed robberies in the area.

"This thing is actually much bigger than we even know now," Rosati said.