Going Pro campaign for trade workers targets expected need of 545K jobs by 2026

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More than half a million jobs will be up for grabs in Michigan in the next seven years - but you'll need the right skills. So the state of Michigan and city of Detroit are getting the workforce ready. 

"Going Pro in Michigan" is one of the nation's most ambitious campaigns to help employers in the state fill an estimated 545,000 jobs coming open through the year 2026.

"These are good paying jobs that require a variety of certificates or degrees that aren't a four-year degree you can get into," said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. "Making sure that everyone has a path."

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan was on hand to talk about his experience as head of the DMC.

"Today there are 500 vacancies just at Detroit hospitals - 500," he said. "You go on the Henry Ford, the DMC, the Ascension websites, they are vacant today and most do not need a four-year degree. They do need some level of skill."

And pursuing certificates in the health care field is just one of the many skilled trades being offered by the Going Pro initiative. 

"I think for a long time we did ourselves a disservice by talking about four-year degrees as the only path to prosperity," Whitmer said. "Unwittingly, it devalued others and now it is on us to make sure we undo the damage that was done with that mentality. 

"It is important to recognize there is dignity and prosperity in a variety of lines of work in this state. And that there is opportunity for everyone who seeks it out."

For more information, go to going-pro.com