Google's AI Gemini could be coming to your iPhone

In this photo illustration, Gemini Ai is seen on an iPhone on March 18, 2024 in New York City. Apple announced that they're exploring a partnership with Google to license the Gemini AI-powered features on iPhones with iOS updates later this year. Goo

iPhone owners may see a new feature coming soon to their devices. 

Apple and Google are negotiating to build the Gemini artificial intelligence engine into the iPhone.

A potential deal between the two tech giants could help Google expand use of its AI services to over 2 billion active Apple devices, enhancing Google's efforts to compete with Microsoft-backed OpenAI, according to FOX Business

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And if a deal is reached, the announcement would not be made until Apple’s Worldwide Development Conference in June, Bloomberg reported.

News of this possible deal comes amid a current years-long partnership between Google and Apple that makes Google the default search engine on Apple's Safari web browser, Reuters reported. 

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In January, Google partnered with Samsung to release its genAI technology in the South Korean firm's Galaxy S24 series of smartphones. This was a move to bolster the use of Gemini after some mistakes during the launch. 

According to Reuters, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in February that the firm was investing in generative AI and would provide more details about its plans to put the technology to use later in 2024.

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Bloomberg noted that Apple planned to use its own AI models for some new capabilities in its upcoming iOS 18, but the California-based tech giant was searching for a partner to power genAI features, including services to design images and write essays based on simple prompts.

FOX Business contributed to this report. This story was reported from Washington, D.C.