"Grand Tour" Season 3 opener filmed in Detroit

You may have spotted them when they were here back in June: just a few British guys drag racing down Grand River. 

That footage is now part of the Season Three opener of "The Grand Tour," an Amazon series that follows a trio to whacky test driving situations around the world. The latest episode brought them right here to Detroit. 

Co-host James May joined us on The Nine via satellite from London to talk about the episode. You can hear from him in the video player above. 

He says the Detroit episode is one of their best. They celebrated the sort of Golden Era of the muscle car by driving around modern versions of the Camaro, Mustang and Demon. 

"The cars are great fun. I mean, they're muscle cars. They're sort of ridiculous, they're toys. They're very cheerful and you can't help smiling when you drive them," he said. 

Not only did they drag race the cars down one of Detroit's busiest streets, they also had a loudest decible contest inside the Michigan Theater (among other surprises).

"Great fun. Detroit, we decided - I'm not just saying this because I'm talking to you know - we decided it's possibly the coolest city in America at the moment," he told us. "It's got a definite sort of spark about it, a proper sort of underlying buzz. It's just very exciting when you're there." He added he was very fascinated by the industrial history contrasting next to the "New Age growing beans and kale."

For those new to the show and are wondering what, exactly, it's about - May doesn't have much else to offer. Sorry.

"People have asked me that before and I'm not quite sure, to be honest [what the show's about]" he joked. "It's part sitcom, part pantomime, part soap opera, part, sort of, film disaster."

Those who are already fans will notice a few changes this season. "Grand Tour" nixed the guests and race challenges out of their studio tent in the Cotswolds, and made the touring films a bit longer and more lavish.

"When you watch it, you'll still recognize us. We're just a little bit grayer and a bit more "stoops" than we were in the previous season. You know, usual sort of thing," he said. (Stoops is fun internet slang for "stupid.") 

"The Grand Tour" Season Three is streaming exclusively now on Amazon Prime. Other episodes this season take place in Colombia, Mongolia, China and London. 

Beware, though, if you get hooked and want to bingewatch: new episodes have a unique schedule and only drop once a week.