Group of senior Troy Athens girls get surprise drive-by prom celebration

It may not be the same as their planned senior prom - but the parents and cheer coaches of six seniors at Troy Athens High School gave them a memorable moment in the middle of this pandemic. 

"I know what they're missing. It's hard," said Donna McClain, parent. "It was an hour of happiness that these girls deserve. That all these kids deserve."

The girls' coaches came up with the idea to have a virtual senior prom parade.

"Everything was getting canceled one thing after another and it was sad," McClain said,

The girls missed out on senior trips and functions, sports - and then school. Not being able to see their friends was the hardest part.
"I haven't seen anyone except for my family since March 14th," said Kira Hegdal.

"The worst part of it is that when all of this stuff is canceled we can't see our friends and comfort each other," said Shaelie McClain.

But last Saturday the girls who thought they were just dressing up to take prom pictures with their families - were sent a video message from their teammates, future and alumni - telling them to go outside.

"All I knew was I had to dress up and pick a song. Walking out my driveway to see my best friends with signs, was so special," said Elizabeth Butash.

Cheerful prom signs - car horns honking and their favorite songs - on full blast.

"This really made up for everything in a way. It was really sweet," Shaelie said.

The girls looked gorgeous in their gowns and seeing each other in-person for the first time in two months.
"Being able to share this day with all of my best friends is all I could've asked for," Elizabeth Schwab.

"I feel so blessed that I was able to have this opportunity to celebrate my prom with my best friends," Crumpley said.

"It was just such a cherished moment that I'll never forget," said Katelyn Claxton.

These parents and coaches - these teens will always remember this time together - even though it was 6-feet apart.

"Keep your head up. We're here for you," Donna said.