Groups from all causes protest outside arena in pre-convention demonstrations

From pro-gun rights to anti-Islamophobia, the outside of Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena where the Republican National Convention will take place this week was full of protests Sunday.

The demonstrations were contained in a special demonstration zone -- far from where the delegates will be this week.

“Our country’s like 250 years old and it’s pretty young and we’re not nearly where we need to be and people are comfortable,” one demonstrator said. “We’ve got a lot more work to do.”

Security was thick with almost 4,000 police officers from across the country patrolling on foot and on wheels.

Inside the arena, delegates this week will be finishing their first piece of business -– voting on convention rules.
Eventually they decide on a candidate -– 59 delegates representing all of America.

Michigan delegate Wendy Day said she’s a Ted Cruz delegate, and will be voting for him.

“I’m honoring the will of the voters in Michigan who voted for Cruz,” she said. “I think the convention serves a very important step in the process to becoming president – a step of checks and balances. I think it’s a very important one that can’t be minimized. That’s why we’re here and I’m looking forward to exercising that responsibility.”

Donald Trump has secured his vice presidential pick and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will take the stage Wednesday.