Hall of Shame stories used as lessons for high school students

Rob Wolchek lands the bad guys in the Hall of Fame every day - but for the past year, he's been invited to talk to a school about the bad guys he busts.

Some of these kids at Lutheran North High School weren't even in kindergarten when he first started speaking at this school.  For more than ten years I've comer here every year. Why? Because teacher Steve Slagel uses my Hall of Shame stories as a business teaching tool.

"I do a fraud unit for about 4 or 5 weeks.  Right about this time of the year and I usually start the class by showing one of your stories and it just kinda segues into what were doing for the day," Slagel said.

At the end of the unit, Mr. Hall of Shame himself is invited to speak. But the students say my mug on TV is better than a book.

"We see it in real life. It's not the same as reading it out of a book. We can see it happening and we know what to look out for," Daniell said.

What also makes it real is that it's local - it's from the Metro Detroit area.

Is it too soon to be learning about all the bad guys out there trying to take your money or id?  Heck no!  

Grace and Angela say they've been scammed! Who would rip off a couple of 16 year olds - and how did it happen?

"We saw an ad on Instagram for either a free phone case or a free bathing suit as long as you paid for shipping.  And we ordered it and we put in our credit card information and got the order confirmation and it never came in. And then the website just disappeared."

Gabe is a young man who is already an entrepreneur but also still very much a kid. He says these stories will help shape his life.

"It helps me in my career.  I run my own business. I also am working for Culvers shout out to Diana. I can learn a lot from this class."