Happy 313 (birth) day: babies arrive in style

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Today marks March 13th and that means we're celebrating 313 Day in the Motor City. Some special little bundles of joy born within the area code 3-1-3 are making the day even more memorable.

Chief of obstetrics Karoline Puder says since midnight, they've had four deliveries at Hutzel and one at Sinai Grace -- five new Detroiters.

Hutzel has been delivering babies for 150 years, preparing these pint-sized people to grow with the city and learn of its history.

"We're proud to be a part of Detroit. We're proud to be quality medical services within the city of Detroit and we're proud of our history," Puder said.

Hospital staff partnered with Pure Detroit to bring these babies into the world in style. The families were each given gift bags, with onesies and hats, and gifts for mom.

"Every mom deserves a gift right after she delivers, but this is special," Puder said.