Harrowing video captures fearless terriers chase away bear that wandered into home

Home surveillance video captured harrowing footage of two tiny but brave terriers chasing away a bear that had wandered into a California home.

Deedee Mueller’s surveillance cameras recorded footage of a brown-colored bear strolling into her Pasadena home on April 10.

The bear is seen casually walking onto her deck as it takes a swig of water from a nearby pond. The bear then makes its way down the steps and into the home.

Bear in home

Freeze frame from surveillance video capturing bear inside California home.

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Mueller’s kitchen door was open that day, so the bear invited itself inside. A second surveillance camera in the kitchen shows the bear making its way deeper into the house as it sniffs out the new surroundings.

After checking out an unsuspecting table, the bear makes its way off-screen after which, the owner's two terriers, Squirt and Mei Mei, run into view, barking furiously.

The video then circles back to the porch camera where the bear is seen scurrying off as the two terriers chase it away.

"The bear left a trail of pee on the steps from fear of these vicious small senior dogs," Mueller said.

This isn’t the first time, however, Mueller has had bears visit her house.

Mueller’s YouTube channel features multiple videos of bears frolicking in her backyard and ponds.

Storyful contributed to this report.