Hazel Park family fights city to keep pet dwarf pig

 A family in Hazel Park is fighting to keep their four-legged friend living at home - but this is no dog or cat. "Tater" is a pig and he's breaking the law but his family hopes the city will make an exception.

"If I’m out of his sight, he will scream and it sounds like he’s saying mom," said Angel Schneidt. "He sleeps at the foot of my bed in a dog bed.  He's brought more joy to my life than anything."

In February her son brought Tater home, a dwarf pig expected to weigh about 75 pounds, and ever since - he’s right at home.  
But the happy tale was halted when a neighbor reported Tater to the city - who only allows dogs, cats or birds as pets.  Hazel Park told Schneidt that Tater has got to be rehomed in 14 days.  

"It would be like saying goodbye to my son and never seeing him again," she said. "I want to cry now, thinking about it."  

Ed Klobuchar, the city manager, says having a pig violates city ordinances. In the past, the city has made exceptions - in this case they won’t - because they say the family isn’t cooperating with animal control and they’re worried about the pig’s well-being. 

Angel Schneidt has a history of blight citations and minor animal control complaints. But the bond is real and Tater seems happy.  

She said she is not taking no for answer - making that clear to the city manager…who says, Tater can’t stay. 

"I'm not planning on re-homing him, I'm going to fight this," she said.