Hazel Park Police looking for couple who robbed vet of truck, $40K after he housed them

Hazel Park Police have identified and issued warrants for two people after an Army veteran who was housing them said they robbed him of his truck and about $40,000.

"I don't know. It's just heartbreaking you could be so good to people and they turn around and do something like that," said Terrance Finken.

Finken first met 30-year-old Bryan Moore and 28-year-old Meranda Stidham in the middle of November after a snowfall. After they had taken a bus to Michigan, Finken let the couple stay in his upstairs.

The 74-year-old had felt sympathy for the duo because they had traveled so far.

"I cleaned the room out upstairs and let them stay in the room, figuring I felt sorry for them. And I was good to them while they were here. I bought them clothes because they came in on a bus," said Finken.

Then, on Jan. 7 Finken went to visit his daughter after finding out she had been diagnosed with cancer - the same type that had killed his wife.

"We got word that my youngest daughter had cancer, so I got a call to go over there about 4 o'clock," Finken said. Then when he came home, "And that's when I noticed, I pulled into the driveway and said 'oh my truck's gone.'"

Camera footage from a neighboring house caught the couple sprinting from the house toward Finken's truck. As Moore put a bag in the truck, Stidham can be seen carrying a drink. That was at 5:20 p.m..

The truck is described as a 2006 Chevy Silverado half-ton pickup. The plate is DC24398. 

Finken's second epiphany came soon after he discovered his truck went missing.

"I told her right away 'call the police,' I came back home, that's when I started looking. I wasn't missing anything down here," he said, gesturing to his first floor, "and then I checked the safe and that's when I found out my lockbox was gone out of the safe."

About $40,000 gone. "It was all old bills too. You'd think somebody catch that flashing around. Heck, there was one bill in there from 1935," he added.

Hazel Park Police are using a photo that Finken's family took of the couple on New Year's Eve. While warrants for the two suspects have been issued, there's a chance they aren't in Michigan. They could be as far down south as Kentucky.

If you know anything, contact Hazel Park Police.