'Helen' the pup found on Detroit streets without a tongue

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An animal rescue group is trying to figure out what happened to a dog found without a tongue as they search for a loving home.

Theresa Sumpter with Detroit Pit Crew Rescue says she's a sweet dog who's still able to eat and drink.

"I have seen a lot of very strange things, very sad things in Detroit with dogs but I have never seen a dog without a tongue," she said.

She says Helen was picked up this week on Detroit's west side and knows basic commands, so it's likely she was once owned by someone. A vet said she's sensitive about her mouth, and they're unsure if it was an accident or if someone did this to her.

She's mastered eating and drinking by slurping. She drools a little more than usual, and will need a little extra help by whoever adopts her. She can't regulate her temp because she can't pant and she can't lick herself to clean herself so she will need baths.

This is 257th dog Detroit Pit Crew has taken off the streets this year. Theresa says it's remarkable that Helen made it this far.