Henry Ford Health Systems suffers computer outage

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A computer glitch caused problems at Henry Ford Health Systems causing doctors and nurses unable to get critical patient information and files.

The computer outage happened 7:40 a.m. Thursday morning affecting every aspect of patient care. The hospital would not comment but released a statement reading in part:

"We encountered some minor delays in patient care and complex non-emergency procedures were delayed until the appropriate applications are restored. During a power issue, our employees are trained to perform services using standard downtime procedures which involve taking information down on paper to ensure patient care information is recorded and updated. Patients are being seen as scheduled. We are following up with patients, requesting future appointments."

FOX 2 caught up with patients at Henry Ford and asked them if the computer outage really affected their care. 

"Everybody was just trying to do their job," said @@@. "You can see it's a little chaotic but everything is handling themselves very well. Everything, paperwork-wise is being done by hand. So they're a little bit stressed but it was actually everything went very well.

"Everybody was very careful about the procedures they did and the way they handled themselves was fantastic."