Henry Ford nurse wins national award for saving woman's life

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A local nurse has won a national award for saving a woman's life, giving that patient a fighting chance to receive a new heart.

Janice Breyer is a heart patient, who says her hero is a nurse named Robin Thomas.

"The night that I flat lined here at the hospital - she jumped on and she gave me life again," she said. 

Because of Robin's life-saving CPR back in February, Janice lived and was put on the transplant list to get a new heart. Then on Valentine's Day at Henry Ford Hospital, Janice was given the gift of life when a 33-year-old woman lost hers and her organs were donated.

Janice was so grateful to everyone, but she couldn't stop thinking about the nurse who saved her life, so she nominated robin for a national honor given to nurses called the Daisy Award.

In celebration of National Nurses Week, Robin got both the Daisy Award and the chance to see Janice for the first time since her transplant.

"I didn't know she was going to be here - I didn't know any of this was happening today - totally overwhelmed," Robin said. "To see her here, looking so well just three months after transplant - amazing."

"Every once in a while there are patients that you absolutely never forget and Janice is one of them."

The funny thing is Janice wasn't even Robin's patient, she just jumped in when needed. Maybe that dedication is why Robin already has three Daisy pins from being nominated three times before, but this was her first big win.

"I'm so glad I was there that day at that moment to help her," Robin said.