Her air conditioning unit was stolen Wednesday. A free one was donated two days later

No literary sentiment would do Sasha Gregory-Allen's sigh of relief justice.

"Oh wow, all I can think is 'air,'" she said, a big smile on her face.

The word 'air' is uttered with a breathy notion of positivity - like salvation was at hand. Indeed for Sasha and her mother, it had. 

Sasha and her mother Natasha are outside their home, staring down a large metal contraption being plugged into the wall. It's an air conditioning unit - a brand new one. It was donated to the duo after their old was stolen.

"They snatched whole unit, circuit breakers and fuses," said Natasha.

The family shared their story with Fox 2 Problem Solvers after their old unit was stolen on Wednesday. With no fan ushering in cold air, their home had become a furnace - the housing equivalent of being inside a car with the windows up baking in the sun.

For Detroiters during this mid-July week, it's been the hottest one of the year. And for any of those residents lucky to have air conditioning, they could rest east. But for those not as lucky - like the Allens, it was a brutal period of the summer.

"If I get into heat too long, my asthma starts to flare up and I can't really breathe," said Sasha.

And like the climactic scene in a movie when all hope seems loss, the hero finally arrives. On Friday, the Allen's hero came in the form of good Samaritans offering ice, air conditioners and a Randazoo Heating and Cooling logo.

"Stop playing, that's exactly what I said," Natasha said. "And he's like 'no, we're coming out.'"

And boy did 'he' come out.

"We give a ton of stuff away to people in need," said Jeff Martin of Randazzo Heating and Cooling. "It's all my boss is about, just to give back."

The Allens received a Lenox AC Unit, free of charge, installed two days after reporting their old one was stolen. Natasha is thankful, but still on edge.

"I know they're going to secure it, but I just don't want this to happen again," she said.

With any luck that July 19 ushered in, things will stay where they're supposed to. And just for emphasis:

"Oh wow, all I can think is 'air.'"