Heroes save toddler from locked car in St. Clair Shores

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A story of bravery and kindness - a St. Clair Shores toddler is safe after being rescued from a locked car. 

Four-year-old Jordan Glinka said that day it was about 26 degrees. Her mom said she came to pick up her daughter from daycare on Harper and Nine Mile at about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday when she accidentally locked her in the car.

"She ran back in here and said 'Oh my gosh I locked Jordan in the car I don't know what I'm going to do,'" said Tracey Kienbaum with Andrew's Angels Academy.

Jordan's mom, Talon Tremble put Jordan in her car seat, but accidentally left her keys inside.
"She locked the car with her keys inside," Jordan said.

FOX 2: "Were you scared?"

"Yeah," she said.

And it was already dark outside.

"Thank God for cell phones. We lit up the car with our phones," said Kienbaum.

Tracey called police for help and they arrived in minutes.

Officer Jon Mamrot called for a tow truck and staying with them.
"If it's cold out there and she's cold, I'm going to stand out there and be cold too," he said. "And make sure everything's okay."

Jordan says although it was really cold she had a couple of things to keep her warm including her blanket and some chocolate muffins.

Arriving to save the day was tow truck driver James Galloway.

"The baby's in there, in her car seat like when are you going to grab me and who's this strange guy at the door," he said.

And within seconds Jordan, now crying in her car seat, is freed.

"He opened it up and we all had a sigh of relief," Kienbaum said.

Then, Tracey recognized a familiar look of worry on Jordan's mother's face.
"We are a small center in a small town, our parents aren't wealthy," she said.

But James instead of charging the $45 fee for his service, wouldn't take money.
"Get your child, have a good day and enjoy the new year," Galloway said. 

"Just that little bit," Kienbam said. "I don't think he'll ever know how much that meant to us."

"It's not always about the money sometimes it is about getting you out of that situation."