He's a fighter: Trump's 2020 press secretary says he's not intimidated by Dem moderates or liberals

The first night of the second Democratic presidential debate has wrapped, with 10 candidates taking the stage last night in Detroit. 

President Trump's press secretary for the 2020 election, Kayleigh McEnany, says the CNN moderators asked fair and important questions, but that the candidates revealed themselves about pushing the GOP talking points. 

"We learned last night, there is no room for a JFK Democrat anymore. There is no room for a moderate Democrat anymore. You have to be a far left socialist in order to prevail," she said. 

The 10 candidates clashed over issues and policies Tuesday night surrounding health care, race, immigration, the military and age. But in terms of a liberal or a moderate, McEnany is confident Trump can beat either. 

"This president is a fighter. He was on a stage with 17 other Republican candidates and systematically managed to take each one down and win the Republican nomination. I think he knows he can do the same with these Democratic candidates," she said. "So whether it's Joe Biden who supports the Green New Deal and public option that would crowd out private insurance - or Bernie who supports the same policies - he knows that he's on the winning side of policy that are will bring affordable healthcare and good economic results."

She pointed out that many Michiganders are feeling an upswing in the economy, too, and that our votes will once again be a key factor in the 2020 election. 

"New poll of Michigan voters said 62% say the economy is in good shape so I think a lot of Michigan voters are feeling it. You look at the fact there is going to be $6 billion in investment from Fiat Chrysler and GM in this state, and Ford. That's because of President Trump's policies. There is a lot of good here in Michigan: a 20-year low in unemployment, paychecks growing up twice as fast for lowm middle income individuals. I think the average Michigander is feeling it and seeing it in their daily lives.

Michigan is extremely important. Look, this is not a Republican state. If you look, no Republican nominee won the state since 1980, '84 I believe it was, until President Trump. President Trump made Michigan a Trump state. It's key to his victory. We're going to be here a lot. We're here now for the Democrat debates. The president will be back to rally at some point. It's an important state for us, along with Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and many others."

Noticeable absent on Twitter last night, we asked if President Trump watched the debate and what his reaction was. 

"He stayed out of it," McEnany said. "He's got a country to run, world affairs to lead. I'm sure he watched it, but we'll wait to hear from him."

You can hear more from McEnany in the video player above.