High lead or copper water levels found at 6 Grosse Pointe schools

A water test by Grosse Pointe schools found six locations with high lead or copper levels.

The tests were performed over the weekend with 130 samples from the district's 15 schools with six schools with "actionable levels," according to a release.

The affected schools are Barnes, Pierce and Brownell middle schools and Defer, Kerby and Maire elementary schools.

District officials believe the problem is being caused by outdated fixtures and that the problem is "not systemic," according to the release.

Bottled water is not being delivered to the schools, the district says it will change out the fixtures and the water will be retested.

Locations at the schools affected are:

Barnes: second floor Room 207 faculty lounge sink

Brownell: first floor C7A Lifeskills Middle South Sink and first floor employee lounge sink

Defer: second floor kitchen area left prep sink, ground floor drinking fountain outside room 107

Kerby: first floor kitchen sink

Maire: first floor right kitchen sink

Pierce: first floor gym west drinking fountain, second floor drinking fountain outside room 201.

The district said if families have a concern, they can contact the closest Wayne County Health Department clinic that conducts lead testing by appointment Healthy Communities Hamtramck or you can call Kelly Larson in Wayne County Environmental Health at (734) 727-2216.