Highland Park girl who escaped abduction: 'I thought I might die'

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A scary situation in Highland Park where a man tried to kidnap an 11-year old girl as she walked to school.

Luckily the girl was able to get away when another stranger stepped in.

"He grabbed my arm like this really tight," said Raja Ringo. "He grabbed my arm so tight it hurt through my coat."

Terrified to leave her home in Highland Park, 11-year-old Raja Ringo clings to her father's side Tuesday after she says a man tried to abduct her.

FOX 2: "What were you thinking when he grabbed you?" 

"That I might die," Raja said.

The incident happened at about 6:45 a.m. Tuesday as she was walking with her brother to drop her sister off at a bus stop on Oakman near Hamilton.

She says when they walked by an abandoned building with her siblings a few steps ahead of her, that's when a man jumped out of the bushes. He violently grabbed her arm and tried to pull her toward him.

"When he grabbed me I started crying because I didn't know who he was," Raja said.

Thankfully a man leaving a nearby gas station with his daughter, appeared to have scared the man - and he ran off.

"Nobody knows where the guy went," she said.

FOX 2: "Do you remember what he looked like?"

"He had like a beanie hat on, something black covering his face, tucked into his hat," Raja said.

She immediately told her mother who called police. Raja says she couldn't see much, but says the hat was blue and the man was heavy set, roughly 5 feet, 10 inches to 6 feet tall, and wearing dark clothing. She says he mumbled something under his breath -- but she couldn't make out what he said.

"Luckily she's here and I can relax," said Michael Hunter, her father. "But still, I can't relax because we still have to deal with this situation."

Highland Park police say right now they have limited information, but are investigating and working to get surveillance video of the area. Meanwhile Raja and her father say, this is the last time she will be walking to school.

"I just don't want to be outside the house anymore without somebody with me," she said.