Historic Detroit home vandalized by Tigers fans on Opening Day

A historic Detroit home was vandalized by Tiger's fans after the Opening Day game on Friday, according to Detroit police.

Several vandals broke into a home in historic Brush Park around 4 p.m. Friday and threw bricks on the inside, causing damage to some of the historic Italian-style architecture. Neighbors said some window framing was also stolen.

Police were called and one of the vandals was arrested, thanks to help from neighborhood volunteers who spotted the break in. They were on-guard following other acts of vandalism in the neighborhood, including another incident on opening day in 2014, when fans set fire to another historic home.

Joe Graziani, who lives in Brush Park, said he heard the commotion when unruly fans vandalized the boarded up Horace S. Tarbell house after the game Friday.

"There was tons of banging and stuff out here, then screaming," he said.

Although one vandal was arrested, police are still searching for the others.

"A lot of people come down here and it's kind of like a circus to them, so they treat it as such," Graziani said.

Although the house may not look like much, neighbors said it's one of the oldest in the up-and-coming historic Brush Park. That's why the people living in the area and trying to rehabilitate the neighborhood are upset about recent vandalism.

"They treat it like it’s a playground and they just do whatever they want. They leave a big mess and the people who live here kind of have to deal with it," Graziani said.