Hit and run driver kills Warren mother, leaves family searching for answers

She was a wife and a mother but her life was taken in a hit and run at a red light on July 4.  

"We were just talking about sending our daughter off to college," said Parris Patterson. "Now we can't. I'm just going to be alone."

Just weeks after celebrating their 15-year wedding anniversary, Patterson of Warren looks down at photos of his wife 41-year-old Calisha Parker, who was his everything. 

"I did not believe this, that she's gone," Patterson said. "I couldn't accept it."

At the time of the crash, Patterson was driving home along Joseph Campou and Nevada when they were hit. Also inside his Dodge Charger was Calisha, their daughter and his brother-in-law coming from a family barbecue. 

"As soon as we went through the light, which was green, it came out of nowhere," Patterson said. "He smashed us all the way to the other side of the street."

Patterson, after hitting his head and blacking out, woke up to his brother-in-law and daughter injured but okay.
"I looked over, she was slumped over in her seat," he said. "I went around to the other side and tried to rip off the door to get her out. But they told me she was gone right there."

Witnesses report the driver left his GMC Envoy and two women even helped and took his license plate. Patterson says his only focus that night was trying to save his Calisha.

"She was the better one," he said. "I rather have it been me. I wish I was sitting on that side of the car."

Patterson says Parker worked at a juvenile detention facility helping teens. 

He says that smile he was introduced to in 8th grade, will never leave his mind as he thinks about their daughter they left behind.

"I have to be strong," he said. "I have to be strong for my daughter. And we have to move on."

 Detroit police are investigating who left this wife and mother to die.  

Even when they are caught, sadly, Patterson knows it won't be enough.

"That's the worst part of it all," he said. "No matter what happens she'll never be back."