Hoesktra: Trump Better Than Her

Yes, he strongly supported John Kasich for president.

Yes, Donald Trump's style is not his style.

Yes, Mr. Trump has offended lots of folks.

But despite all that, former Michigan Congressman Pete Hoekstra is all in with Mr. Trump for president.

Mr. Hoekstra tells the Off the Record panel this week that he did not go through any "mental gymnastics" to switch from Kasick to Trump and he thinks the Ohio governor should endorse Mr. Trump.

"He won't like this (referring to the Ohio governor) but "it is sour grapes" that the endorsement has not been forthcoming." In a private talk at the GOP convention last week, Mr. Hoekstra urged his friend to do just that. Asked why Mr. Kasick has not, he said you will have to ask him.

Hours before he was scheduled to meet with Mike Pence, the V.P. candidate on the ticket, Mr. Hoekstra confessed than some of the Trump rhetoric has been offensive.

"I'm uncomfortable about the way he has talked about some of the issues. I wish he would have done it differently. I don't think he needed to express it...."

Mr. Trump's remarks about those with disabilities is an example of that he explains.

Having said that he can still vote for Mr. Trump given the alternative. "When you take that and compare it to what Hillary Clinton has done, I'm offended by what she has actually done compared with what Donald Trump may have said."

Asked if his candidate had offended a lot of groups, he paused for a moment and offered, "that's true" but he adds, "he's touched a chord with the American people. If he hadn't touched that chord he wouldn't e the nominee and he would not be leading in some of the national polls."

In his meeting with his former Congressional colleague Mr. Pence, the West Michigan Republicans says he will share some "notes" on where he might be helpful to the campaign and as for a possible post in a would-be Trump administration he suggests, "if he called or if the transition team called, I'd consider something." He says his interest would be in foreign affairs, the intelligence arena or education. 

See Mr. Hoekstra's OTR appearance at wkar.org.