Hollywood Casino in Detroit unveils cashless way to play slots

Hollywood Casino at Greektown has gone through a number of new changes this year: New renovations, new health guidelines, and even a new name. 

But the gambling center's latest unveiling will have a direct impact on the patron's experience: cashless payment.

Using Bluetooth technology that connects mobile phones to the games at the casino, it makes playing any number of slot machines easy.

"This is industry leading technology. We’re the only casino in Detroit to offer it. It’s great to be able to have," said John Drake, the General Manager of Hollywood Casino at Greektown.

Drake called the cardless, cashless feature something that guests should come expecting when they visit the casino.

"The casino industry, as much as it tries to be innovative, it’s not always the most innovative so we’re excited to say that we’ve been able to get here.. and offer something the customer should expect."

Born out of the pandemic, paying without an transfer of physical cash is the latest example of how the country's system of transactions has continued to evolve. 

The tech is available on the "My Choice App" loyalty program. 

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The specific technology has been growing in casinos across the country. However, the ease at which money can exit one's bank account is worrying to some groups that advocate for individuals with a gambling addiction.

"We see the potential for some of those players in that category to get into a greater risk because they’re in a semi-trance," said Michael Mooney, a certified Gambling Counselor. "They’re in front of that machine for several hours so it's like they have to get out of that chair and walk 20 feet to the ATM and clear their head for a moment."