Home owner locked out of house by break-in suspect

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A bizarre story unfolded in one Detroit neighborhood where a man found someone inside his house then locks him inside.

The sign on the front porch says "Bless those who enter here." Except for the intruder Detroit homeowner Tyjuan Jackson says he walked in on Friday morning.

"The front window was busted out and then I went to open the door  and I heard someone moving in here," he said.

At about 9 a.m. Jackson, a 37-year-old University of Michigan student, says he was planning to meet a contractor at his home on Webb Street.  He purchased it a year ago, along with the lot next to it to fix up, then rent out to low-income families.

"I try to come here every day or every other day to make sure noone is squatting in here," he said. "I bought the property to revitalize it."

The house has already been broken into six times this year and gutted by scrappers.

His home was broken in again on Tuesday and Jackson says he put boards over the windows Thursday.

But when he opened his front door Friday:

"I heard some movement and some footsteps so I closed the door but  didn't lock it," Jackson said.

Calling police, Jackson says he waited in his driveway for police to arrive. But he says the intruder then locked him out, turning the bottom lock from inside.

When police arrived, Jackson already was locked out and he discovered more than broken glass.

"People were breaking in smoking, leaving hair brushes, condoms, they were smoking," he said. "They were using the bathroom and there was no plumbing on. It was just defacing a property that  I've worked hard to purchase."

Unable to get a look at the intruder, Jackson discovered a driver's license and personal documents left behind. He handed them over to police, but he is still feeling fed up and discouraged.

"I don't even feel safe coming in here," he said.

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"I don't know."