Homeland Security raids 8 gas stations in Metro Detroit

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Officials with Homeland Security are leading raids on eight gas stations in Metro Detroit, but the reason why remains a mystery.

Homeland Security told FOX 2 they are executing search warrants in the different gas stations around the metro area. There have been no arrests made but they have seized merchandise.

A federal investigation is ongoing in federal court.

The Citgo at 8 Mile and Gastonbury was raided around 8:30 Tuesday morning. It was one of the 8, including a Valero at McNichols and Evergreen.

We are told no arrests have been made at any of the locations but truck loads of merchandise have been seized connected to the ongoing federal investigation.

Philip Roland had just pulled in to open Roseland Bar and Grill when he saw the scene unfold at Citgo.

"There were about 7 or 8 cars I'd say 10, 15 cops taking merchandise loading up into Home Depot truck really secretive about it," Roland said.

Roland said the Citgo was was the scene of a fatal shooting just last week. 

Investigators could not elaborate more on the investigation and said it was sealed in federal court.