Homeless men accused of starting house fire with people inside

Two homeless men are accused of setting fire to a Pontiac home with people inside.

"I was kind of sleeping," said Calvin Jordon who was inside. "I heard the fire alarm, I heard some arguing."
Jordon's home in the 200 block of Branch was set on fire earlier this week. Luckily there isn't a lot of damage because another man at home at the time used a garden hose and rug to put it out.
"He went in there and saw the flames everywhere," Jordon said. "He said, 'Get the hose, get the hose.'"
The blaze was gone by the time firefighters arrived and so were the two homeless men police believe started the fire.

A police canine unit was called in, tracking their scent to the old and overgrown Lakeside housing complex nearby. The two suspects were caught and are in Oakland County jail right now.
"These dogs have an amazing ability to find those kind of things," said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. "Whether it's people or property and to make things safe
And for Jordon, that is what matters now - that everyone is safe.

Quick thinking by a friend saved them and their belongings from fire and possibly a bigger tragedy.
"I'm glad we weren't all sleeping and still alive," Jordon said. "I'm just glad."

The two suspects are being held on outstanding warrants. Bouchard said the investigation is ongoing. 

Once it is complete a report may be sent to the prosecutor's office fro additional charges connected to the fire.