House fire victim gets impersonated after tragedy

Tammy Lynne Channell says she, her fiance, and their pets were off to a fresh start for 2021 in a new home until it was burned down. 

The couple says they moved their belongings into their mobile home in Ira Township and were excited to spend their first night there. 

On Thursday, they were approaching their house and say they saw fire trucks everywhere. 

"I said, um, this can't be. I'm thinking, is our place on fire? This is a joke," says Tammy. 

After the incident, Tammy says she posted about it on her Facebook, and shortly after, a friend sent her a screenshot of an Instagram post of someone impersonating her account. 

Tammy says. "I just couldn't believe that somebody would do that, I got the message, and I was just shocked, and someone said, is this you? I said, no, this is not me."

She says on the bright side, she has been overwhelmed with kindness from others and she will be setting up a fundraiser on her facebook page.