‘Friends’ ended 20 years ago today, here's how its finale stacks up

FILE - "Friends," "The One with Rachels Going Away Party" Episode 16 Aired 4/29/2004. Photo: NBCU Photo Bank

One of the most iconic TV sitcoms came to a close 20 years ago.

The Friends finale, "The Last One," also known as "The One Where They Say Goodbye", aired on May 6, 2004. 

Decades later, the show is still coveted among streaming services and makes headlines, from the cast’s 2021 reunion special on HBO Max (now just Max) to Matthew Perry’s untimely death last fall

As iconic as the show remains, the finale drew in viewership that left the episode among some of the top-watched TV still today. 

Here’s how it ranks among the most-watched TV finales:

For more perspective, Super Bowls consistently pull in well over 100 million viewers, with a record-setting 123.7 million this past February

Here are some other notable and top-watched events in the U.S., not including other Super Bowls:

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