How to catch lung cancer early even if you don't have symptoms

When caught early, lung cancer is treatable.

Considering it is the deadliest cancer for men and women, detecting it as early as possible is vital to surviving it.

A low dose CT scan offered by Beaumont Health's Lung Nodule Clinic is the only recommended way to find the cancer early. It takes just minutes but it can reveal decades of damage.

"The scan technically will tell you if there's any smoking-related lung damage in addition to detecting a small-sized lung nodule, which can be at a certain percentage, be the beginning of lung cancer that's not in a symptomatic stage, which is the best time to treat lung cancer," said Dr. Abdulrazak Alchakaki, a pulmonologist at Beaumont.

Your health insurance should cover the scan. To qualify, you must have a history of heavy smoking and be between the ages of 50-80. Click here to find a screening location.