How to make a mask, step-by-step without sewing

Masks can be hard to come by these days, so we'll show you how to make your own without sewing using either a T-shirt or a handkerchief. 

In this edition of Only Good News, FOX 2's strictly positive news segment, I'll show you step-by-step how to make a mask without a needle and thread.

There are two options - the T-shirt mask and the handkerchief mask.


Old T-shirt



Step 1. Take an old T-shirt (the stretchier the better) and place your hand on the bottom, as pictured below, to measure how much fabric you'll need.

Step 2. Cut a straight line right across right above where your hand was.

Step 3. Starting from the left, measure about three hands-worth. Cutt off that piece on the end.

Step 4. Placing one hand on the left side (that's where your nose and mouth fabric will be) -- cut into the fabric, leaving two inch-long straps on the side. See the three pictures below.

Step 5. Unfold. Finished!

To wear, place the mask on your nose. Take the top two straps and tie them around your neck.

Then take the bottom two straps, and while wrapping the mask under your chin, tie them on top of your head.

This is your end result:


Handkerchief (18 x 18 was used in this demonstration)
2 rubber bands or elastic hair ties



Step 1. Fold the top down to the middle.

Step 2. Fold the bottom up to the middle.

Step 3. Flip over.

Step 4. Repeat. Fold the top down to the middle.

Step 5. Fold the bottom up to the middle.

Step 6. Flip over. Place a hair tie on each side.

Step 8. Fold the ends into the middle.

Step 9. Flip over. Finished!

Putting the elastics around your ears, place the mask on your face with the loose ends touching your mouth. Just tuck them in under your chin. This is what your end result should look like: