Hundreds demonstrate for A Day Without Immigrants in Detroit

Hundreds gathered in southwest Detroit on Thursday in a demonstration meant to show what the area would be like without immigrants.

Rallies called A Day Without Immigrants were held across the United States, including right here in Michigan.

Clutching signs in the cold, hundreds marched from Clark Park to Patton Park.

"I know we're a small part, but I know that we are working united this time and we are not going anywhere," one protester said.

Immigrants and supporters across the country stayed home from school and work to display their impact on the U.S. economy.

"For our rights, for our kids, for all Latin people," another protester said.

Dozens of businesses closed in Detroit's Mexicantown, showing support for this day in response to President Donald Trump and his administrations executive orders, including pledging to build a wall and increasing deportations of illegal immigrants.

"It hurts me how all of these families, they've been deported," a protester said. "We love you as president but we don't agree with your laws."

While some are standing up for themselves and strangers, Ibali Sancen protested for her mother.

"She's been working here for what the past 25 years. Every single day for us. She works hard for us," she said.

As protests are seen around the country, there was a similar scene in Pontiac.

Protesters say they fear their safety could be ripped away.

"They cannot live with fear, with fear right here," a protester said.

While they hope their voices are being heard, many wait to see how A Day Without Immigrants will impact Washington.

"This is an immigrant city," a protester said. "And we stand together to defend that."