Hundreds protest immigration raids outside Detroit ICE office

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Hundreds of people packed the sidewalks on E. Jefferson outside US Homeland Security Offices Friday.

Protesters lined both sides of the street protesting ICE immigration raids in Detroit.

"The damages inflicted on these children and parents will last a lifetime," said Rosalie Lochner. 

Protesters were angry and upset over the crisis at the border - specifically the treatment of children at child detention centers.  The conditions - overcrowded and unsafe as many of the boys and girls hungry, dirty and sleep deprived.

Some people compared the detention centers to concentration camps.

"No child, no person should go through that," said Derek Grigsby. "Anywhere, let alone in America."

"This is horrible, this is un-American, it's inhumane," said Rosalie Lochner.

It was a common scene in cities across the country in Lights for Liberty protests. The group's Facebook page estimates more than 800 protests took place Friday night 

President Donald Trump has dismissed concerns about how the children are being treated despite the fact that doctors and government officials have toured the detention centers and have seen the conditions first hand. 

Meanwhile on Friday, Vice President Mike Pence toured a Texas border patrol station where he saw hundreds of men kept in cages, with no cots, in sweltering heat. He later said "I knew we'd see a system that was overwhelmed." 

ICE immigration raids are expected to start happening Sunday, although Detroit has not been named that doesn't mean it won't happen here.