I-75 police chase suspect wanted for attempted murder in southwest Detroit shooting

A dramatic high-speed chase in Detroit on I-75 near the Ambassador Bridge on Friday ended with an attempted murder suspect in custody.

Police pursued a man wanted for allegedly shooting a woman in the head on Thursday morning in southwest Detroit near the Lincoln Park-Detroit border.

"This suspect is wanted for attempted murder at this point and probably murder," said Detroit Police Deputy Chief David LaValley.

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After driving at speeds near 100 mph down I-75, exiting and entering multiple times northbound and southbound, the suspect struck a flat tire. He climbed out of his vehicle and ran into traffic, jumping up on top of a van.

"It was pretty intense because with all the law enforcement involved, so this guy needed to get off the streets. They were very wanting to get this guy," said witness Tim Seneca.

The suspect led police on not one but two high speed chases. The first one didn't last very long because he was able to get away, but then police caught up with him again, chasing him for miles from Detroit's west side to downtown and through southwest Detroit.

"It was nuts, it was like a movie. I didn't see anything but a chase," said Tamara Trotter. "I kind of compared it to a video game - Grand Theft Auto. ... There was like at least 20 cars just chasing this one car and we were on the Service Drive panicking because we had no idea what to do."

Traffic was backed up on I-75 as police finally caught the suspect. The chase attracted a lot of attention and sparked a lot of curiosity.